Phones last for a decade with fairphone

How can a smartphone last a decade? Yes, with the new Fairphone It’s Possible.

Smartphones that are built for long-term use can be very useful. Unfortunately, that is not the way most smartphones are made.

How would a smartphone look if it was able to last 10 years?

This is a question most people have never had the time to think about. Many smartphones are made to be replaced every two- or three years. Apple, Samsung, and other handset manufacturers release new models each year to encourage us to upgrade.

Let’s not forget to have fun and imagine for a second.

A smartphone that is designed to last 10 years would likely be openable to change a broken screen or battery. You could upgrade many of the components. If you want a better camera you can swap out your old one for one that is more powerful. Software updates can be downloaded from the manufacturer of your phone indefinitely.


As phone season, the time when tech companies bombard us with new models, begins again, it is a good idea to think about what such a device might look like. Apple’s iPhone 14 was unveiled Wednesday. It bears a striking resemblance with its predecessor. This week, Google also announced plans to showcase new Android phones in October. Samsung also introduced a range of smartphones last month that fold like books.

These new wares show that smartphones today are not built for long-term use. To keep you safe, most gadgets are sealed with glue. It is impossible to upgrade parts, such as screens and cameras, a la carte. Software updates are only guaranteed for a limited time. Usually, they last for two years on Androids and five years on iPhones.

It’s great for tech companies and their coffers to keep us on short periods of smartphone ownership, but not so much for us or our wallets.

Don Norman, an Apple vice president for advanced technologies and author of more than a dozen books on design, stated that smartphone manufacturers were guilty of treating technology like fashion wear. They released products every year that were harder to fix and added features that made it difficult to use.

Norman stated, “You want the computer to be made out of one piece and as thin as possible.” So you made the battery without a case, so it is really difficult to reach. Instead of using screws, glue is used.

The idea of a phone that lasts longer is not a pipe dream. The $580 Fairphone4 is an example of one already in existence. It was made by Fairphone, an Amsterdam-based start-up. Fairphone 4, sold only in Europe, comes with a removable plastic cover. This allows you to see its inner workings. You can swap out its components in minutes by simply removing a few regular screws.

Fairphone’s concept is that you can have a new phone with new technology without replacing your existing device. If the phone does go wrong, such as if it drops, it can be fixed easily. The Fairphone is a far better smartphone than most, and it shows how tech companies can make gadgets more durable and sustainable.

It could be as simple as the hardware

Take out your iPhone or Android phone. Look closely. You will notice that it has unique screws that need special screwdrivers. Apple even invented its very own screw.

Fairphones come with a small screwdriver, which allows you to open the phone. This was my first test when I started to use it.

It was easy to take apart the Fairphone. The Fairphone’s plastic cover was easily removed to reveal its battery, camera, and other components. These parts were held in place by ordinary screws, which could be easily removed with a screwdriver. All of these parts were removed in less than five minutes. I was able to reassemble the phone in about the same time.

It was an empowering experience to take the phone apart. I felt confident that I could repair the phone or do basic maintenance such as swapping out a battery or camera, and I could do it in minutes. Fairphone charges $30 to replace a battery, and $80 to buy a new camera.

It was a nightmare to disassemble my iPhone.

The only way to take apart the Apple device was to use a special screwdriver. I also had to melt the glue that held it together. I used tweezers and a small amount of glue to remove the battery. Although I was able to replace the battery successfully, the iPhone’s screen was damaged. A replacement display would have cost me about $300.

The Fairphone’s plastic case isn’t very attractive and would likely pop off if it fell on hard surfaces. Even worse would be to drop an Apple or Samsung phone with glass back and smash it, then to spend hundreds of dollars to have it repaired (or replaced)

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